Where it all began

Art has always been an intrinsic part of my being. Growing up in an artistic family, I was always surrounded by those who shared the desire to simply create, whether that meant watching my mother create encaustic works or finding my grandfather carving a piece of wood in a cloud of cigar smoke. Constant support and inspiration from my loved ones, I naturally began evolving as an artist and spent much of my time painting as a child. I found myself trapped in the world of art, a world that made the most sense to me and a place that spoke my language. And I've been delightfully trapped ever since...


my process

 I paint in thin, transparent layers in order to reveal a story and create an etherial world that invites the viewer to unveil what is buried beneath. Relying heavily on intuition and raw emotion, my work is guided by true instinct in order to convey my language. I focus on creating an aesthetic of balance and tension by combining bright colors with muted tones and incorporating loose and controlled movement with the use of negative space. I appreciate the often unpredictable nature of this process and always look forward to connecting with the images as they present themselves to me. 

I've always been curious by nature, looking at each new day as having potential for self-discovery. I remain open and eager to continue expanding as an artist, and I find that creating everyday is a privilege. I believe that people bring the most joy to the world when they're busy doing what they love, doing what makes their soul feel 'whole'. I just hope that at the end of the day I can bring joy to those around me through my work and that by living a life of passion, I can encourage others to follow their dreams, too.

I recently made the move from Alabama to South Carolina and am happily working out of my new studio at Redux Contemporary Art Center located in beautiful, historic Charleston.